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Screaming, Crying, Perfect.

I was driving up Kanaan listening to Twenty One Pilots with Tara by my side. It was a sunny day, not a single cloud in the sky. The sun was starting to set, so it was peaking through the mountains. "This is so pretty." Tara said looking out at the view of mountains and large homes.  
I stayed silent as she started to take pictures of the view. Twenty One Pilots continued to play. 
As I drove, a tunnel came up. I love driving through tunnels, its something about the way the lights flash through the car so quickly. As I entered the tunnel, Tara started yelling, very loudly, all the way through till the end. "What was that for?" I asked laughing. "I wanted to make an echo," she couldn't say with a straight face. So when the next tunnel came up, we both started yelling, as loud as we could. 
"Did it work?" she asked laughing, we both were laughing. The entire time. 

We arrived at Zuma beach at 6:50, just in time for the sunset. We ran on the beach towards the waves, only to run away from them as fast as we could. The water was Ice cold, so we would scream every time it touched us. We sang "Cake By The Ocean" as loud and terribly as we could and drew hearts in the sand. Eventually we got so tired we just sat on the sand, and at that moment a lady bug landed on us, two actually. We let them walk on our hands, and named them. We talked to them as we laughed at ourselves. We didn't even realize we missed the sunset because of it. We said goodbye to our Ladybug friends, and I decided to take a slight detour home. I need up driving into a very, very expensive neighborhood. The houses were huge, and mostly hidden. They all overlooked the ocean. I passed a house with some flowers out front and stopped, "Tara get that flower." she didn't hesitate, she jumped out and picked me some. We did this for a half hour. I would stop, she would grab some flowers and we would drive away quickly. "Dakota, we need to go home." she eventually said as I kept getting us lost in the subdivision. "I know where I'm at." 
"So I'm the only one lost here?" 
Tara has no sense of direction, so Its funny to me when she's in a place she has never been before. 
So we drove home through the mountain again, singing and yelling as we drove through tunnels. My car filled with a mixed smell of flowers, and the sound of our voices. Everything was perfect.
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