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Anyone from out of state will think of California and automatically think of Hollywood Blvd and Celebrities who shop at Rodeo drive. Then when they think of beaches, they think of Santa Monica Pier and Venice beach. 
If someone from out of state has been to California they will mention things like Avocados, crazy people in Hollywood, the weather dropping 20 degrees when going to the beach, and how much they love In-N-out. Then they will continue to say how much they love California. 

I love California not because of the beaches, or the chance to run into a celebrity on a Tuesday afternoon. I love it because for the first time I feel like I have a place. I can wear heels to a grocery store and nobody would think twice about it. I'll start talking to  random person to find out they are a producer, or their cousin is a casting director. I love that dreams are never too big here. You want to be a director? Cool, heres ten thousand schools you can attend. Want to open a coffee shop? Great we are SO down for more coffee. Oh, you want to be a homeless person? Let me show you the best streets. We always need homeless people. You're a vegan? I'm not surprised, so is everybody else. Its not crazy.

The people in California are definitely different. I notice it the most when I go home. Here, everything you do is accepted. The people have so much more color in their personalities, and are willing to take more risks. Everyone still has dreams, even successful people. It never ends. 

I love my friends here because we are a 100% different, yet 100% the same. We are all struggling young adults who are just trying to find ourselves. So we work throughout the day chasing our dreams and then we spend our nights at coffee shops with jungles, on rooftops looking out at the city, or running across the street in a shopping cart to get chipotle before it closes,  or the beach trying to make a fire and failing for hours. Those are the times I see California and think "Yeah. I belong here." 
I love that even in this bright city, you can still see the stars at night, and if you need to get away, you can drive for thirty minutes and feel like you're in a completely different state, or if you want to be alone, there are so many places to hike. 

I don't love California because its this huge land of opportunity, I love it because it is the only place I feel LIKE myself, and that I have a home. Even though my lease is up in a month and I don't have another place to live. But thats not the point. 

California is my home. 
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