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Reality Check.

Take a moment to think about this, we are 52 days into 2016. (I know, right?) Now you were probably just thinking New years eve was only a couple weeks ago, correct? Try seven, seven full weeks ago. In only a week it will be March. 

Most of us spent the last week of 2015 talking about how we were going to change our lives for the better in 2016. We set goals, or resolutions, and screamed Happy New Year at the top of our lungs for a minute, and then woke up on January 1st determined. Are you still? Have you reached any of your goals? 

One of mine was to get a callback on a big project, not just commercials. This week I achieved that. When I saw the email, with the subject "AUDITION for DAKOTA RAEN- CALLBACK" I froze and kind of forgot to breathe for a moment. I had achieved one of my 2016 goals. Its a great feeling. 

So now that we are almost a quarter of our way through 2016, Which is just crazy and time really needs to slow down, have you achieved any of your goals? Or are you close? Try spending your Sunday focusing on yourself, What do you want to achieve this year? How will you go about it? 

I told myself I would blog more this year, but we see how well thats been going... 
I also told myself to truly understand the importance of Balance. I even had a psychic tell me I needed balance. Does anyone actually know how this balance thing works? I could really use some help over here. 
I think my next goal should be "Convince my mom to let me color all my hair dark purple" :)
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