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A lot of people warned me about temptations. They told me to stay away from certain types of people and to say no to certain things. To be careful of who I spent my time with, to stay away from the wrong crowd. I found no interest in what they spoke of. 
The meaning of Temptation is, the act of tempting; enticement or allurement. 
Everyone has their own temptations. Yeah there's the "bad" things that a lot of teenagers/young adults do that I was warned of. But there's also a long list of temptations we deal with on a day to day basis that we don't realize. 

The temptations to press snooze three times before you're about to be late. 

The temptation to do something you want, and not what you should or need to do. 

The temptation to spend money on something you don't need, but must have in that moment. 

The temptation to skip class or call into work sick so you can do nothing of importance. 

The temptation to spend all of my money in Disneyland for a day, rather than save it for rent. 
The temptation to stay up all night with my friends, and sleep all day . 

When people warned me of temptations, they warned me of the wrong kind. Yeah, the "bad" ones are still out there and appear in my day to day life but the ones that don't seem like a big deal, are the ones that will affect me the most. 
Knowing what your temptations are, its important. To know when you have to say no, and when you need to force yourself to do something you really don't want to. Successful people say no to those temptations, and they don't make excuses. 

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