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Small Things

Now that we are a full week into 2016, and many of us have started back onto our routines and have hopefully started towards our goals… I have finally decided to start mine. 

Last week my childhood best friend came back to LA with me. We had the time of our lives. We did five different hikes.. One of which was a 7 mile round trip. it took two hours to get to the top and once we got up there it started to rain and we couldn't see the view. It was the most exhausting hike I have ever done. But the photo? So worth it. We went to a lot of places. Malibu, San Diego, Vases Rocks, Disneyland, The hollywood sign... but my favorite part of this week was her presence. The smile on her face when we got California Donuts, the sound of her laughter from the passenger seat, and waking up to her pushing my arms out of the way. The little things are so much bigger when we aren't together. 
I have missed her so much it meant the world to me to spend 11 solid days with her.  Saying goodbye this morning was followed by an hour of sitting in traffic and bawling my eyes out wishing she could stay. So now i begin the countdown till I see her again.  

So now I begin a routine of work, classes, and endless auditions. Today I have one, and I am so excited. I have a really good feeling about Pilot Season this year. With two under my belt, I know what to expect. I know to be prepared for any last minute auditions, and not to take anything too personal. I was scared last year. I felt untalented and like a puzzle piece for the wrong puzzle. 
This year I know not to let it get to me, and to put my whole heart into a scene. Even the one liners (Which are like, actually the hardest auditions ever.) 

Many of you probably don't know what Pilot season is… if so watch a Youtube video Jenna Larson and I did explaining Pilot Season. It’s kind of a big deal to us Actors :)

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