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I took up something different this year. Not many women normally have an interest in it, but I fell in love with it, lifting. No, not the light weights in the "Woman's section" at the gym... but the heavy weights where you see the big guys. That's my interest. 

For the past five years I have taken care of my body by eating healthy, and staying active. I ran track and field for a while, and then got very serious into running Cross Country. I stopped running once I started lifting. 

A lot of people don't like the idea of a girl having a lot of muscle. They look at it as "Manly" and that if women lift they will get to big or bulky.. but they are wrong. Yes, women can get big and bulky if they train and eat a certain way. Otherwise, lifting is a great way to get in shape. You can still look feminine and have muscle. 

I don't love lifting because I want a perfect body. I love it because I love to challenge myself physically. I can push my body past its limits no problem. I love the feeling of being sore, and knowing that I am pushing hundreds of pounds with just my legs. I don't lift just because you are supposed to workout, or because I need to reach certain body goals, I lift because it is something I love. 

 I love lifting the same way I love Acting. I look at acting as my dream, and a career. Acting is my mental challenge, and lifting is my physical. I have had a few people tell me I can't do both, but I'm going to. They minus well accept it because I'm not choosing. I love them both, and I can make time for both. The excitement I have after nailing a scene in acting class, or getting a callback is the same amount of excitement I have when I max out on deadlifts, or I set a PR on leg press (Which I did today at 340lbs). 

I couldn't live my life happily without Acting, and I couldn't do it without lifting either. Both of them are huge parts of who I am. I love being strong, and having men three times my size make comments about how heavy I'm lifting. I also love that I can leave the gym, put on a dress and be feminine and cute. 

I can be both and still be myself.

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