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I remember sitting at my kitchen counter with my brother. It was Christmas 2003, and we had already opened all of our gifts from Santa. I asked my mom where Daddy went, and she responded with "He's getting you guys another present, nothing special. Something small like a puzzle." 

I thought, "Well thats boring.. why would he leave to get us puzzles?" 

It wasn't long after that my Dad had come home. He walked inside holding something, someone. He brought home my Best Friend. A two month old Rottweiler, who we named Chaise. 
I fell head over heels in love with her. For eleven years I woke up to her licking my face, and fell asleep holding her close. I came home to her stepping on my feet and wagging her butt. I took her with me camping, to "The Dam" on long walks, to the lake where she would bite at waves she caused. I held onto her face and told her everything was okay as I bathed her. I skipped out on events to be with her all night because I always knew my time with her was precious. I shared my popcorn with her as we watched TV shows I loved, and I would talk to her about it being my dream to be on that show. 
Christmas time, she would sit in my room as I decorated my tree. Then on Christmas day I would open her gifts for her. 

I had to say goodbye to her this year. I slept by her side every night afraid I would wake up and she'd be gone. I held onto her face repeating "Everything is going to be okay". 

 I now look forward to holding her ashes. I miss the feeling of my face against hers, or Chaise rubbing her nose into the bed to get comfortable... and then sneezing right after. I miss her paw touching my hand. I miss her eyes begging me for food, and her impatiently sitting as I told her no. 
Only people who have owned a dog would truly understand the pain of losing them. They become your best friend and saying goodbye is the worst pain. 

But there is a bright side to everything, and now she's with me everyday... even when I'm in California.

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