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Insecure & Happy

Happiness isn't a destination, a person, or an item, yet so many people looks at it that way. "I will be happy when..." Is commonly used. I have struggled a lot with happiness this year, and I learned that no it is not permanent, and when I am happy... embrace it. I use to always ask myself "Am I really happy?" and then I would think of reasons I shouldn't be. Which, I know, is very unhealthy. 

This year I learned to look at the bright side of everything, and to understand that everything happens for a reason. Every single project I have booked, I have gotten some kind of connection and or friendship out of. My biggest example being "Intrepid academy". The project didn't go anywhere, and I didn't get paid.. so a lot of people assumed it was a waste of time.. but they don't realize that I met my best friends on that set. People I once shared a hotel room with, I now share a home with. I don't care that the project didn't go anywhere, it was still life changing. 

I can easily look back at this year and say it was the best year of my life, and not because I found happiness... but because I learned to BE happy. Yeah, I have had many, many nights I have wanted to give up and go home, and many days I just didn't even know my own favorite color.. but I knew deep down that I belong here, and that everyday I was learning something new about myself. I still am learning. I am learning something new every single day, and being in the moment, and learning to appreciate and love everything around me has really helped me be happy.

A year ago the word "Happy" seemed fake, and out of reach. I thought that once I arrived in LA happiness would take over and all my insecurities would go away. But like I said... Happiness isn't a destination. 
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