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"Figure it out."

One thing all young adults really struggle with is to figure things out on their own. I am 100% guilty of this. So many times this year I have called my parents freaking out over certain things, and they have always responded with "Figure it out. You are an adult now." 

I am terrible at this, and they end up helping me anyway. The few times I have tried to "Figure it out" I made the situation so much worse. So they minus well help me from the beginning. 

One time... now I am not proud of this in anyway.. I decided to figure this out on my own and I said yes to two different projects, both filming on the same day, and figured "Well one of them I won't get, so whats the worst that can happen?" How about booking both projects. Then having to call one of them to say "Hey... so I can't film tomorrow... Sorry for accepting." Calling my manager on that one was not fun, and boy did my mother yell that day. Thats why I don't figure things out on my own anymore. I mean, at least I know how to pay my rent and sign up for classes. That should count for something. 

Adulting is hard. Its really hard, and it's not fun either. I don't like it. That's a lie, I really like living on my own... but this whole work thing.. thats not fun. But somedays you've gotta put your big girl pants on and just go to Starbucks and deal with it. 
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