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Trust the moment.

"You need to be in the moment." 

Anyone who has been in Richard's acting class has heard this over a hundred times. It's the number one lesson he teaches, how to be in the moment and trust it. In reality, we don't plan out our conversations word for word, we feed off of the other person. So he teaches us to trust the moment, and just go with your gut. 

In January I knew what he meant, and in my scenes I trusted it. It has improved my acting a lot, and I know how to switch it up with every person I read with. What I learned from this though was that I needed to do it outside of class and acting. I needed to stop thinking of everything else, and be in the moment. No matter where I am at or who I am with. I had to learn not to get my hopes up, or to plan ahead, and just to be in the moment.

I use to have a lot of times spent with friends that I didn't enjoy to the fullest because I was so focused on something else going on in the future, or I was holding on to something in the past. Once I started to let all of that go, and really enjoy what I was doing in that moment (even at work...) I found that I was happier, and everything was so much more enjoyable. 

Richard taught me this very important lesson for a character, when really I needed it for my daily life. I encourage all of you to try it out. Forget what you have to do later, and trust the moment. You'll find it makes things a lot easier. Especially work. 
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