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Comfortable with being Uncomfortable.

One thing I learned this year is not to give up, and to push through the moments of doubt. Today really proved it to me. I didn't want to get up today, or go into class. I wasn't doing good mentally, and I felt like I was going to be off in class. 

Once I got there I let myself go, and just focused on the character. I thought about what she wanted, her goals, her problems. Then I went on stage and did the scene. It wasn't perfect, but it was way better than the last time I did it. 

After class I got a callback for a commercial I auditioned for yesterday, and right after I got an audition for another commercial. At the same time a girl at the gym made a comment to me saying I was motivation to her. My mood increased very, very quickly. That was so sweet of her to say. I hugged her I was so happy. 

I went into today unhappy, unmotivated, and with a very negative outlook. Which is the complete opposite of how today went. I was caught off guard by many things, and I'm so thankful for how today went. Now I get to spend tomorrow in casting offices doing what I love, even if its something small. 

Believe it or not I had a lot of off days for a while. No motive in the gym, at class, or work. I was tired, easily annoyed, and I wanted to hide under the covers until 2016. Luckily, a trip back to Chicago made me realize how much I wanted to be in LA. Now for the past few weeks I've been going strong. Today being the only day I felt somewhat off. It took forcing myself to do the  things I didn't want to do, for me to feel better. 

I always see this quote on Instagram and it has been pushing me through a lot this year.

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable." 

Now there is a lot more that goes with it, but that is what I repeat in my head. 75% of the things I've been doing this year I have been uncomfortable with. I know that If I push myself to do things I wouldn't usually do, then I'll accomplish more. 

I hope this motivated at least someone. Happy Tuesday, and 10 days to Christmas!

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