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Tree of Life

Back in January Dakota took me on a hike to the Tree of Life. At the time it was intense. We started just by climbing up rocks, and i struggled so much getting up there. I didn't think I could make it to the top. We were both tired, and thirsty... but after an hour we made it to the Tree of life. Which is basically a tree on top of this mountain that people leave letters under. I left a note mentioning it was my first week living in California for Pilot Season 2015, and that I had hoped not to return to Chicago. 

After that day I didn't want to go back up there due to how intense it was.. but I did.. five more times.
 Each time completely different. J and I found out the trail also leads to the Hollywood sign, so that was a great adventure. We climbed over two mountains and ended up right behind the sign.
 I took mason up there and we did it in about two hours, and I've gotta say I am impressed he did it. 
 Then I took Levin and Tara up and we took four hours due to the high amount of photos we had to take. I mean... we had to. We looked adorable and conquered a mountain. 
My cousin and I did it in an hour and half, which was the fastest I've ever done the hike. 
Today I took my boyfriend up there and it was the easiest it has been. The weather was sunny, windy, and cold, so it was actually perfect. The trails are quiet and the sky was clear, so the view was great. It was crazy to me, standing on top of this mountain, next to a guy I care so much about, and thinking about how overtime I am there I am in a completely different spot in my life. I am with a new person every time, taking new photos, learning new trails, and making new memories and it amazes me how much changes in so little time.
A year seems like a long time until you look back on a year. The places you went to, the big and small things that happen, along with all of the people you meet throughout. Even on a daily basis, we don't realize how far we travel or how many people we talk to in a day. We just forget about it all and focus on our problems. Problems that only matter in that moment. We spend so much time focusing on that small problem that we take for granted the great things going on in our lives. 

Hiking always makes me think about the craziest things, I know. I had to take a break from hiking because my mind wandered so much. Basically the point of this is, theres this tree on a mountain and I love hiking to it,
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