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Peter Pan

You know those people who have such a great smile, it makes your day? Or the people that are so incredibly talented you can hand them any instrument and they could learn it and play it beautifully? Or the person who asks how your doing, and will listen to you talk before they even think to bring up themselves?  This person to me is Kevin Quinn. 

I met Kevin on set of Kids & Ghosts last year, and we stayed in touch when we moved to LA. I knew he was a great actor when I worked with him on set, and I saw him on Chicago PD shortly after. Moving to La, I knew he would book something... and he did. He landed a Disney Channel series called "Bunk'd". Now he's basically the teenage heart throb of Disney Channel. On his Instagram you will see a ton of photos of him living this great life, but my favorite are the videos of him singing. 
He has such an amazing, beautiful voice it captivates you. We have had karaoke nights in my apartment, and I've heard him sing on the show, but my favorite was last weekend when he came over and played my guitar. Tara and Kevin started singing and it was so beautiful, I wish i would've recorded it. I'll get them next time though. 

Today I went to Pasadena to see him in "Peter Pan & Tinker Bell" He of course was Peter Pan. It was the best play I have ever seen. Watching Kevin sing and dance on stage while playing one of my favorite Disney Characters was the best way I could have spent my Sunday afternoon. My favorite part? After the show when he came out to give me a hug. I always love to see Kevin, so those five minutes I got with him meant the world to me.  

Anyone who knows Kevin understands where I am coming from. I am so incredibly proud of him for everything he has achieved this year, I could almost cry. The best part is that he truly deserves it. He has put in the work and I know that its not going to end here. That he will achieve so much more in this next year. So heres to you Kevin, to another great year filled with new accomplishments!
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