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"We met at Crave" I remember Dakota saying as we were lying on the bottom bunk in our old apartment. "I was so smooth, like crazy smooth." I couldn't imagine it, Dakota? Smooth? If he says so. He went on and on about this girl he had met two months before. "We didn't even mean to spend everyday together after that." 

Her name is Yasmine, and she is beautiful, carefree, talented, and unique. She looks at things the way Dakota does. They are the couple that you can feel it in the air how much they love each other. They are always dancing around, yelling, making weird noises, laughing. they are in their own world completely that they don't care who they disturb. It is absolutely beautiful. You can see they are a perfect match. 

Yesterday when I got home they were in the kitchen making breakfast. An egg carton lying out, toast popping out of the toaster, the smell of bacon filling the air, music blaring, and they were dancing around. Singing loudly as they cooked together. The mess had annoyed me, but watching them made it go away. 

It's something about them that makes you feel like you're in a movie. You can see them get completely lost in each other. Almost like you can feel yourself disappearing from their world. 

Sometimes they drive me crazy. Like when I am trying to sleep, or I'm in the car with them and I feel like I am going to die in a crazy car accident, or when they make extremely loud and annoying sounds that don't make sense. Or even when they cook and somehow destroy the kitchen and the living room. But they are also a lot of fun to be around. Yasmine has a great taste in music that overtime I'm in the car with her, I fall in love with a new song. Dakota knows how to be the life of the party anywhere you take him, and they are the kind of people who will run around in Shark onesies at the movies. Because we did that, and it was awesome. 

I love Dakota and Yasmine. I love that they met, I love that they defined their relationship, I love that they have stuck together, and I love that they fell in love. They deserved that more than anything. 
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