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I met my Best Friend

March 29, 2015 has now become  date I will never forget. I was hanging out at the apartment when Dakota asked if i wanted to go to the beach. It was about 6pm at that point. "Why do you want to go to the beach?" 
"Tara asked if we wanted to go. I guess they are going." 
So we went. It was pitch black out by the time we arrived with all of our glow sticks, snacks, and blankets. By the time we all got there I turned to Tara, who at the time I barely knew, and said "Dude I've gotta pee so bad." 
she responded with, "We can sneak away when we get to the beach." 

So we did. Two complete strangers on the beach at about 10pm, going to the bathroom. "You know this means we can never go back, right?" she said. I laughed, but it was true. 

Since March we have been closer than ever. She knows me better than I know myself. I honestly don't know how I would've  survived this year without her. Every single time i need her, she is there before I can say anything. 
When I lost Chaise, she took me to get Tacos and I spent the night at her house. Being by her side made me feel like I didn't lose Chaise. The amount of love I felt from Chaise, I felt with Tara. She makes me so happy, I can't handle being away from her. I am in love with her, and our friendship. 

She's the kind of Best Friend that I could say "Hey.. wanna go look at dumpsters today?" and she'd be 100% down with it cause we would somehow make it fun. When we buy clothes we know we are buying to share, "Starbucks?" and "Dunkin?" are always a yes, the text "So whats going on today?" translates to "What time will someone be home so  can get into your apartment?"  and "I can't human today" is said every morning in our snapchat conversations.

So I didn't land some big TV pilot this year, or make it to any movie premieres... But I met my best friend. That means the world to me. 
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