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Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE peanut butter. Like, I will admit that I am obsessed. I am basically considered a peanut butter addict. You know.. the kind that keeps a jar in her nightstand, and has two in the kitchen cupboard along with peanut butter to go in her purse. That kind of peanut butter addict... I also follow many pages on Instagram that have to do with peanut butter.. like Buff Bake, Wild Friends, Muscle Butter, My Peanut Butter addiction.. At least I admit it. 

That is something that makes me, me. A small detail that my closest friends and family know about me. Everyone has their thing. Whether its being fish obsessed *Cough* Austin *cough* or you have a very strange obsession with the color blue... Everyone has their thing.
So basically day 4 is me being thankful that peanut butter was brought onto this earth. Its seriously the best. (My favorite brand is Wild Friends... I highly recommend it.)

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