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Thankful: Feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

Having a list of things to be thankful for is easy. We can say anything, our home, family, food, friends, jobs. But explaining why we are thankful for each thing is a challenge. Basically I'm saying that this is actually a bit of a challenge. 

I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have had. Not just from this year, but from the past 19 years. Not just from acting, but everything outside of it. Traveling to so many states, and even to England with my family, not many kids get to do that growing up. I assumed everyone traveled that much. Turns out it was an opportunity I had, and Im so happy I had it. I have even met a lot of people my age who have never been to Disney. That to me is very depressing. 

I am also thankful that I got a head start on my career. Well, with acting you can't really get a head start. But I am happy I started young, and that I have the experience and connections I have. 

I am also thankful I grew up in a beautiful house with parents that are still together, and that I had a best friend right next door who is still my best friend. 

I could go on and on with every opportunity I am thankful for, but instead I want you to try writing down everything your thankful for and why. It will definitely brighten your mood on this Monday (: 
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