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Day 2... Family

Family is an obvious thing to be thankful for... My beautiful hardworking mother who has pushed me to be the best I can be, my father who has also supported me along the way and given me motivational talks on the phone and my awkward, and super hilarious brother I love more tan anything. I am so thankful to have the family I have. I know my career choice was NOT an easy one, but they have all helped me along the way and I love them more than anything for that.

Thank you Mom for always being there and helping me through everything. For teaching me how to work hard, and introducing me to Mickey Mouse as a baby. For driving me across the country so that you could get on a plane and go right back to work, and for making every birthday and holiday the best. I love you, and thank you. 

Thank you Daddy for always looking at things in a different perspective, and helping me remember why I am here. For answering my calls every night to listen to me ramble about pointless things, and for supporting not only me, but our family by running a business I assume nobody enjoys. I love you, and thank you. 

Thank you Mason for being so hilarious, and yet so loving. Somehow your awkwardness makes my day. I miss you and i can't wait to see you again. 

Thank you also to the family that has supported me along my journey. I wish I could thank everyone in person. I am so grateful to have the amount of support that I have. Not only to family by blood, but the friends who became family and have been there from the start. 

Thank you. 

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