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Friends who became family

I have decided I am going to start a countdown to the new year by blogging everyday something that I am thankful for, accomplished, learned, or tried in 2015. Starting today with something I am very thankful for... my friends. 

Each and everyone of them is completely different. Which is why I love them all so much. My long distant best friends who were once only minutes away from me.. and now 2,000 miles. Our face to face conversations have now turned into FaceTime convos. Which isn't much different, we just can't cuddle and watch our favorite shows together, or go on adventures. 

My biggest thank you is to my new friends who have become family. My talented, beautiful, crazy, hardworking, intelligent friends that have taught me so much this year. From late nights at the beach, to driving through mountains, and across deserts. We have flown kites on beaches and over looked our city from some of the highest points. Every single moment is a memory that will last forever and they couldn't make me happier. So thank you to the friends that have accepted and loved me as much as I do to them. 

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