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Fall? What?

One thing the Midwest does perfectly is fall. I think everyone who lives in a small midwest town knows that.I honestly think it is the main thing that keeps people from moving to the beach. Pumpkin patches and Apple Orchards are always the best way to spend a beautiful, cool fall day, Sweaters can be worn along with fuzzy socks, and bonfires are simply the best.

Yesterday I stood outside the local grocery store wearing shorts, a tank top, and my swim suit underneath while looking at Pumpkins. It was not right. It has been 100 degrees everyday, and I cant even remember the date because it feels like July. Theres no Apple Orchards nearby, and grocery store apples simply just suck. I want to wear sweaters and boots but I would probably pass out from the heat, and why is everyone ordering a Pumpkin Spice frappe from Starbucks? That's just weird. 

I am looking forward to not freezing by butt off on Halloween, and having to worry about wearing layers under my costume. That was never fun. Plus, we do have "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party" so I am kind of freaking out and I really would love to go to that....(Daddy...)

But I will admit it. I am jealous of my family and friends back home who get to enjoy the beautiful season upon them. (Just wait till winter:)  )
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