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The Blue House

Today is a very important day. One reason being that it is the last day of summer. Marking the official goodbye to flips flops, coconut flavored foods, crop tops, and pool parties, and hello to cold breezes, colorful trees, bonfires, and a pumpkin takeover. 

Besides the season change, today is my Mom's birthday. The woman who taught me to be original, and take rejection with a smile. I often times forget that she is the one who has gotten me to where I am today. She's the one who took off work to take me to meetings, auditions, callbacks, photo shoots, and various sets. All while school thought I was at many doctor appointments. Without her, I would have never made it this far. 

Now, I am very appreciative of everything she has done for my career, but there is no possible way I could ever thank her enough for everything else. Raising me, and giving me the best childhood I could have asked for. 

When I was little, my best friend, J,  and I would ride our bikes in the col-de-sac and every now and then she would leave the circle and ride her bike down to the "blue house" at the end of the street. I was not allowed to do that. My mom never, ever let me. I thought it was stupid because it wasn't that far. Eventually, I wasn't allowed to ride in cars with anyone besides my family. When J got her license and car I was not allowed to go anywhere with her. My mom had to drive me everywhere. Well a year later, I got a car and was not allowed to drive anywhere besides work and school. Everything else was too far. On New Years eve I always wanted to go out, but I had to be with her.  My mom always wanted me to be close to home. I hated it. I wanted to go to the blue house. I wanted to see something besides the road in front. So I did. After all the years of being told no, she let me move 2,000 miles away. I thought it would be easy, but when I said goodbye to her I cried like a baby. I wouldn't admit that, but its true. 

Now today I found that the only place I have wanted to be was by her side, at home. Not the blue house. Everyday I call her to tell her what I am doing, and share funny stories. I always wish it could be in person. I miss talking to her at the end of the day, and waking up to a home brought to life from her making coffee, turning on the TV and sometimes even making breakfast. Things I took for granted when I lived at home. 

So heres to my mom. For taking care of me when I was sick, watching me fail at almost every sport, doing my hair for school dances I never actually cared for, driving me to friends houses, making every birthday and holiday something completely different, yet memorable, for laughing with us as we would make fun of her after a long family day, for crying with me when we lost Chaise,  and for being the most hardworking and beautiful woman I have ever known... Happy Birthday.
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