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In just over a week it will be July, and that has made me realize how incredibly fast time is going by. Last weekend I was with Tara and Levin hiking up a mountain looking over the state of California thinking about how many actors live here, and now Im only a week away from saying goodbye to Levin once again. Which is a very painful thing. Anyway, the point in this post is that I don't even realize how quickly time goes by, and its kind of depressing. So many days are filled with such beauty I can't imagine it getting any better, yet the next day proves me wrong. 
All week I have been nothing but thankful for this life. I'm surrounded by people who have the same goals and work just as hard as I do. Levin and I have had an audition almost everyday, along with acting classes and late nights filled with laughter. We each give off an addicting energy that we can't stay away from each other, and falling asleep is hard when I want to spend every moment holding onto her, and making fun of her awkwardness. So I take in every second I have knowing that in one week I wont have her here anymore. Before I know it I will be in class again working on my memoir and living in the new apartment. I'll blink and suddenly be watching the snowfall back home. So today I am going to enjoy these strawberries and not think about tomorrow because soon it will be yesterday. 

Thank you for reading my somewhat pointless post. :)

P.S. If you have an iPhone, ask Siri if you can call her Jarvis. 
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