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Salty Air

For the past month my days have been taken over by a very boring routine, and weekends weren't spent doing much of anything because I would be too busy with school work or too exhausted. I sort of forgot where I am, and took it for granted. Every night has been spent wishing I could be with my dog, Chaise, and these past two days have been filled with heartache wanting nothing but to be by her side as she fights for her life. 

Tonight I finally got to enjoy a piece of California. We went to Santa Monica to fly kites and run through the waves. For a brief moment, I thought about nothing but keeping the kite in the air. Pulling the string and running along the waves splashing over my feet. It was cold, and the water felt warm. I was a hundred percent focused and care free. It only lasted for a few seconds before I remembered Chaise's sickness, but I was thankful that she has made it another day. I stopped and watched the kite linger over the water. The sunset was perfect, blue. pink and orange along with purple mountains and a deep blue sea.  

Dakota was running into the waves with Yasmine, They were laughing and pushing each other around. Just being in the same room as them, you can feel their happiness. Every time she enters his mood lightens. It makes me happy to see him like that. He deserves her, they belong together. 

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