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When I first moved to California I had very different expectations of what would happen. For starters, I figured If I continued to live here past April it would mean I landed a role in something and would spend everyday on set. That definitely did not happen, in fact I have become very aware of the amount of actors who have been here for years and have never landed a single thing. They call us "Starving actors". We get by with scene study classes and an occasional audition. Landing a huge job is basically winning the lottery. 

Now since I have been here I have learned the most important thing to surviving the world of endless rejection and hurrying up and waiting. It's friendship, having people close to you who do the same thing and help push you forward and support you. I have learned a lot about my friends since I left and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. 

This past weekend I spent time with Tara, a friend i have just recently made out here. Yes, she is an actress and she's my height so that is a huge bonus. She is all around an amazing person who is nothing but real. She is open and hilarious and such a talented actress. I can't wait to see what adventures we have ahead of us.
 I have started to write my memoir about my friends and the days as a starving Actress, so hopefully one day I will be able to share the full story with everyone.
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