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Pacific Coast

This past weekend I had a chance to enjoy the coast line of California with Dakota Payne. It was a cloudy Saturday morning when we decided we did not wan to spend another day in Burbank. So we decided to drive, all day. Starting in Santa Monica we listened to music and the sun started to shine, by the time we made it to Malibu we stopped for some amazing fresh seafood. (Seriously..best fish tacos.) I found a sand hill I once climbed up back in 2013. Dakota and I sat at the top and looked out at the ocean as we talked about how calming, yet terrifying the ocean really is. Later on we came across strawberry fields and bought fresh fruit from a man in a fruit shack on the side of the highway. I thought Dakota was going to die over how amazing the strawberries were..We ended up in Santa Barbara where we found this park called the Rocky Nook. Obviously Dakota and I were intrigued and had to see what is was,. It was literally all green grass and rocks with a trail- It was beautiful! By the end of the day we were exhausted, but what I learned was the best times are the ones we don't expect. I spend a lot of time planning my days so that I'm never late to any auditions or classes, I tend to forget where I'm at and how thankful I am to have Dakota by my side for this adventure.
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