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My Magical Valentines Day

I hope Everyone had a great Valentines day! I was very lucky and got to spend mine in Disneyland With Dakota Payne and Levin Jarrett. It was the most Magical Valentines day. When we entered I looked down Main street with a racing heart, as Pluto was giving little kids hugs and smiling for photos. Parents were running in and out of Candy shops with their kids and I was taking in everything. The smell of fresh brewed coffee at the Cafe's, cast members smiling and wishing everyone a magical day, along with little girls dressed up as Princesses. I was so caught up in everything I didn't even realize I wasn't breathing! Then I saw the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse... lets just say I went from 18 to 8 in .5 seconds. I skipped all the way to Fantasyland! Jumping up and down  giggling and freaking out over the Bibbiti Boppiti Boutique, The Mad Hatters hats, and Olaf asleep on a snowy roof... and I just about did a flip when I saw the first ride - Snow White's Scary Adventures. This was only the beginning. We floated along through Pirates of The Caribbean counting the Jack Sparrows, Climbed through Tarzan's Treehouse, joined Pinocchio on his adventure to a real boy and flew through space mountain..where we got stuck on the ride for a few minutes but they let us go again so it was worth it! Mickey Mouse put on his Soundsational parade where Princesses twirled and Chimney sweepers danced, then at that moment Dakota and I got callbacks on a Universal Tour guide job. We screamed and danced and screamed more because we are a team and we are always proud of each other. Immediately after the parade we went on a Jungle Cruise where the three of us became "Honorary Citizens of Disneyland" for our energy and love of the ride. It was a beautiful moment. Once the second parade finished I ran down Main street where Mickey Mouse was waiting. I was grinning ear to ear as he hugged me and kissed my hand. I also was speechless and surprised I even said hello...
 We also took a trip through wonderland and rode the Mad Tea party where we spun so fast the world around us went blurry and we stretched our arms out and watched the lanterns above us shine. The night ended perfectly on King Arthurs Carrousel where the three of us held hands as we went around on our white horses. It was truly a magical day. 
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