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So far this week has been one of the best since I have arrived. On Sunday I ran the Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10k! Lets just say it was a lot harder than I remembered. From there I enjoyed a day with Levin Jarrett and Dakota Payne until I had to pick up another great friend of mine,  Austin Filson, from the airport! I was so happy to see him and to have all of my friends in one place! We spent all day Monday in Malibu on a hike. It was AMAZING! The bEach was covered in rocks we climbed all over and were only a few feet away from seals! I mean I have seen seals at the zoo but never in their natural habitat! It was crazy! After climbing barefoot over all of these rocks we made it to a beach where Austin found hermit crabs and a starfish. I even found a few crabs myself, but I ran away becauseI thought they would hurt me.. After Malibu we went back to the apartment and Kevin joined us. I was in heaven being with all of my friends. Its crazy how people from all over the U.S can become such close friends and end up in California to chase the same dream. I am so thankful to have them.
Then yesterday was the best, I had another class with Richard Brander in the morning along with some private coaching. Let's just say Dakota rocked his monologue! His talent blows me away. 
 I had an audition in the afternoon for a Nickelodeon show. I was really pumped for that audition. (Fingers crossed!!)  Then from there drove to Santa Monica for an Iams commercial Callback!  (I really enjoy saying I had to drive to Santa Monica..) Anyway, there was a dog at the callback who's name is John. He was adorable. 
Today I will be looking at apartments with Austin and enjoying another sunny day In Cali! Have a great day everyone. :)

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