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Cali Days

I can't even explain how much I love California! This past weekend one of my best friends, Levin Jarrett,  flew in from Georgia to stay with Dakota Payne and Me. We immediately took off to the beach where we spent all day running through the waves and shopping, and then we watched the sunset over the ocean. It was such a great time! The sunsets are absolutely beautiful! Dakota Payne and I also went on a hike last week to watch the sunset from the Observatory in Griffith Park. By far the most beautiful sunset ever.
Today was Dakota Payne's and my first day of no parents and we basically learned we need parents. I broke the kitchen sink and we had no idea what to do until he called his mom. I spent the entire time laughing at the situation! Then Levin and I went shopping at one of my favorite stores out here - ANGL.
 Another friend of mine flies in tonight from Chicago in about an hour, I'm so pumped to see him again! Being in California with my best friends is a dream come true. I am so thankful to be here! I wish everyone a great week, and thank you for keeping up on my blog!

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